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Industrial Production for the United States

Industrial Production

Industrial production is an awesome time series for a lot of different reasons.

First, it’s a really long trend for which we have monthly data. Very few financial or economic metrics that are... (read more)

Real Personal Consumption Expenditures for the United States

Real Personal Consumption Expenditures

Personal Consumption Expenditures (“PCE”) is an unbelievably great indicator. It tells us exactly what is happening with the full consumption component of Gross Domestic Product (“GDP”).

Given... (read more)

Household Net Worth for the United States over GDP

Household Net Worth over GDP

One of the most classic moves in the world of finance and economics is to divide stuff by GDP. The stock market is a good example. Just divide it by GDP and suddenly you have a valuation... (read more)

Household Net Worth for the United States

Household Net Worth

When people talk about finance and economics, they bring up things like Gross Domestic Product and stocks and jobs. But, when you really get down to the essence of why people care about those things,... (read more)

Real Gross Domestic Product for the United States

Real GDP

Real Gross Domestic Product is arguably the most important economic metric out there. Reason being, it measures the total economic output of a country. The "real" part adjusts output for inflation, so it... (read more)