The U.S. COVID-19 Outbreak

For the near future, the outbreak of COVID-19 will continue to be one of the most important trends influencing the market and economy. As the U.S. has the highest number of cases and is the largest economy, the outbreak within the U.S. has significant implications to the world as a whole.

To track the spread of COVID-19 in the U.S., ten metrics have been developed to provide context to trends in testing, cases, hospitalizations, and deaths at the country and state level:

  1. New Cases

  2. Hospitalizations

  3. Deaths

  4. Testing Positivity

  5. New Cases by State

  6. Testing by State

  7. Death Rate by State

  8. Severity vs. Coverage

  9. NY, CA, FL, TX Cases

  10. NY, CA, FL, TX Deaths

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States with the worst COVID-19 outbreak severity over the past week.

States with the best COVID-19 testing coverage over the past week.