The Endless Metrics Recession Indicator - October 2019

Recession Review: October 2019

I've read that October, from a historical perspective, tends to be a "spooky" month for markets. That is to say, October can be volatile and see big drops. I haven't done a detailed analysis on this but... (read more)

The Endless Metrics Recession Indicator - September 2019

Recession Review: September 2019

Fall is by far my favorite time of the year. The only problem is, it seems to go by too quickly-especially September! Looking back on the month, it's hard to recall notable news events off the top of my... (read more)

The Endless Metrics Recession Indicator - August 2019

Recession Review: August 2019

I once asked a professor of mine why she liked finance, to which she replied, "Well, because there is always something new happening!" I think she would find the difference between the last recession... (read more)

The Endless Metrics Recession Indicator - July 2019

Recession Review: July 2019

It's official - we have the first rate cut since the great recession. And, of course, everyone has an opinion on whether it was too little, too much, or just right. So, here is another opinion to add to... (read more)

2019 stock market recovery vs similar recoveries

Stock Market All Time High Analysis

While stocks have had a strong year from a calendar perspective (i.e. since January), the market as a whole had been stuck in the red compared to the previous highs set back in October. That is until... (read more)

The Endless Metrics Recession Indicator - June 2019

Recession Review: June 2019

So, a lot of financial news outlets that were loving the "worst May since 1960s etc. etc." headlines and selling doom and gloom on the next recession got their clicks and panic. There were then a few... (read more)

Dow Jones Industrial Average to Nominal GDP indicator

Metrics and Trends: June 2019

All of the metrics on the site have just been refreshed with the latest data! So, it seems like a good time to review some metrics and consider the trends. The following five metrics currently published... (read more)

The Endless Metrics Recession Indicator - May 2019

Recession Review: May 2019

Combine the old adage to "sell in May and go away" with investments based on "the January effect" and trading on monthly market calendar anomalies in 2019 would have been a solid strategy!

Anyone... (read more)

U.S. President Stock Market Performance

U.S. Presidents and Comparative Stock Market Performance

Using Dow Jones Industrial Average ("DJIA") data back to 1900, a comparative analysis is performed using stock market performance throughout twenty different presidential tenures in the United... (read more)

The Endless Metrics Recession Indicator - April 2019

Recession Review: April 2019

So, the big economic release for 2019Q1 GDP arrived on Friday and the news was good! An initial estimate of 3.2% is a really solid beat on general consensus, even if one could argue that expectations... (read more)

The Endless Metrics Recession Indicator

The Endless Metrics Recession Indicator

In the years since the financial crisis, market observers have made numerous calls that the economy is entering or has already entered a recession. After a decade, all of those claims have turned out to... (read more)

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