Endless Metrics provides quantitative analysis on the current, past, and future state of the market and banking sector. This analysis is produced with independence and objectivity for the benefit of individuals within the finance profession and for those outside of the industry seeking to learn more about the market.

This site contains two main types of content:

  1. Articles visualizing long-term metrics and analzying their impact
  2. Blog posts discussing ad-hoc topics related to markets and events

Latest Blog Posts

The Endless Metrics Recession Indicator - October 2019

Recession Review: October 2019

I've read that October, from a historical perspective, tends to be a "spooky" month for markets. That is to say, October can be volatile and see big drops. I haven't done a detailed analysis on this but... (read more)

The Endless Metrics Recession Indicator - September 2019

Recession Review: September 2019

Fall is by far my favorite time of the year. The only problem is, it seems to go by too quickly-especially September! Looking back on the month, it's hard to recall notable news events off the top of my... (read more)

Recently Released Metrics

Dow Jones Industrial Average to Nominal GDP indicator

Dow to GDP Indicator

The Dow Jones Industrial Average ("The Dow") and Gross Domestic Product ("GDP") are two of the most important metrics in the respective worlds of finance and economics. The day-to-day movements of the... (read more)

Deposit to Loan and Lease Ratio

The Deposit to Loan and Lease Ratio

Traditionally, banks make loans which bring in interest income and take deposits which cost them interest expense. Managing these assets and liabilities is crucial, otherwise a bank is going to have more... (read more)

Salary Over Revenue Ratio

Salary Expense over Revenue for the Banking Industry

Salary and related compensation for employees is one of the largest components of expense for a bank. This isn't an unexpected result, especially given the often notorious nature of press banks receive... (read more)